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RE: Fuel distribution lines surgery and related matters

> I checked mine when it had about 50k miles on it, and 
> both the clutch disc and transmission input splines 
> were worn out. 

My early '94 splines looked fine at 65K, but I lubed 'em anyway.

> Note you'll need an industrial heat gun to separate 
> the rear drive assembly if you need to do that. 
> Conceivably you could do the clutch inspection and
> lubrication with the wheel and rear drive still 
> assembled and attached to the transmission

If you're going far enough to separate the transmission, I'd recommend
pulling the tranny, paralever, and rear drive apart to replace the pivot
bearings, especially if you can detect play back there.  Mine were shot, and
I think they're a common failure item.  You definitely need heat to break
the factory threadlocker.  I used propane.

Eric R.
'94 R1100RS