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Pissing fuel, German crimp clamps and COLD RUNNING

Morning heads,
Well, the German crimp clamps have halted the pissing fuel issues on both
sides of the fuel filter (BMW). The autoparts store junk-(usually made in Wa
Flung Poo) simply cannot stand up to the pressure of a 42lb system.
Interestingly, a colegue who is a drag racer tells me that even the drag cars
only pressurize to 50 lbs, so relatively speaking, the BMW system is right up
Since the modifications (cannesterectomy, new fuel vent lines, new fuel hoses,
new fuel filter, new fuel lines and a new fuel strainer as well as autolite
3923 plugs and cleaning the big brass screws) the bike has been running
unnaturally cool. Prior to the work, the oil temperature would rest on 5 bars
when warmed up and the idle would sit at 950rpm. The bike now idles at
1100-1200rpm and the fuel temp almost never surpasses 2 bars. The first fill
up after the  work, the  mileage was only about 38.5 which is off about
8-10mpg from normal.  I closed both  screws and backed them  out 1.75 turns
each  which picked up the mileage to about  47mpg. The bike is still running
oil temps in the 2 bar range. ANY IDEAS HERE? Did I bump something when I was
doing the other  stuff? The only other thing that happened was that I switched
from dino oil to synthetic oil and  I wonder if it's  possible that the
synthetic kicked loose a glob of something which
 could cause the oil cooler thermostadt to block open. I can get the temp up
to 4 bars when the bike sits and runs without moving (when I was ballancing
the TB's) so  I know that the guage will read higher than 2 bars.
thanks for any help you have to offer.