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Pissing...now Running Cool


If it is as you suspect and the thermostat is stuck, it will probably
un-stick itself over time with all synth in it.   I imagine the bike has a
few miles on it.  If it hasnt ever had synth before, you could be correct
about this.  Ive heard of the oil cooler lines getting coked up when using
dino oil and sitting in traffic a lot, but Ive never heard of a thermostat
sticking open or heard of the symptoms youre describing before.   Id
suspect the gage itself, but it seems to be working.   If youre getting
47mpg, Id suspect the bike is running OK now and is good to go.

Were the BBSs screwed in all the way?   That might make the bike run rich.
1 > out is a good starting point.  If you have been anal about your valve
adjustments  (same clearances on both sides of the bike) and done your synch
well, the screws can probably stay there.   Ive found that small
adjustments to one BBS only will fine-tune the synch and get the bike to run
extremely smooth at cruising RPM.   On the RT, they put a hole in the right
side fairing for access to that BBS.  I believe thats why they put it
there.    This is especially rewarding to do on a long trip.   Every gas
stop, Id turn the right side BBS < turn and ride another tank out of the
bike.  Better or worse?   If worse, adjust the other way = turn.  If better,
adjust the same way another 1/4 turn.  If that second adjustment was worse,
back off 1/8 turn etc until it was perfect.   Smooth, smooth smooth!!!