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Administrivia: To those who read this list on nabble.com

Hello nabble.com readers.

Apparently nabble.com archives this mailing list and makes it available
for viewing on the web in threaded form.  Great.  I know many people
prefer to browse the web instead of reading a mailing list.  However,
those reading the list on nabble should be aware of what happens to
their messages when they decide to post something to the list.

Only list members may post without first being moderated.  Posting
a message from nabble thus results in a copy of the message being
sent to me.  I will approve the message (asuming it relates to
oilheads :-) ... eventually.   Sometimes that is in minutes,
other times it may be days.

If you want to get me out of the loop so you can post directly
to the list you'll first have to join the list.  See 
http://www.snafu.org/oilheads/ for details.  If the delay doesn't
bother you then carry on.

// marc (keeper of the oilheads list)