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R1100RS running cold-update

Afternoon heads,
Well, I have looked at virtually everything I can think of to find the source
of the bike running cold. Most recently I checked the temp sensor and found it
to be connected. I checked the resistance when it was cold and also when the
bike was showing 3 bars on the temp guage ( 2.96 when cold and 3.50 when at 3
bars) so no smoking gun there. Folks have suggested the TPS as well as the
fuel pressure regulator, but testing both are above my pay grade and equipment
as well as my equipment. My dealer told me that neither the fuel pressure
regulator nor the oil temp sensors fail regularly so it will be interesting to
see just what the hell it is. Any other thoughts or ideas from the brotherhood
are welcome but there's nothing else I can think of and i'm sick of not being
able to ride, so it's off to the dealer on 10/21/08.
Many thanks to all who have tried to help me with this.