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RE: R1100RS running cold-update

Clive wrote:

>I am inclined to go along with Bob's thinking and if the bike is running well
- just ride it!!


I don't know how you were getting that kind of fuel economy before; maybe it
was way too lean and running hot, and is now right.

I never measured better than 42 mpg, although I'm pretty sure I did better on
occasion (highway cruising at legal speeds).

I was probably getting about 38 mpg around town, because that's about what I'm
getting now and I've been paying close attention. Before I did the carb
conversion my low fuel indicator would light up at 180 miles on the dot. These
days it's a bit less repeatable but the other day it lit up at 180 just like
it used to.

Now if I could only find some top end...

I've been working on my carb conversion saga. I'll be publishing it here soon;
I apologize in advance for the bandwidth consumption.

John Dancoe