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>O degrees C should be 5.5K ohms (freezing)
>7.2 degree C is 4.5K ohms.. (observed)
>20 degrees C should be 2.5K ohms
>40 degrees C should be 1.25K ohms
>60 degrees C should be 600 ohms
>80 degrees C should be 320 ohms
>100 degrees C should be 190 ohms (boiling)
and I (clive)  will add a couple more points:
120C  approx  112,7 ohms
140C approx 71,2 ohms

Reference point - just checked mine.. (unknown)

45F (7.22222C) - 4500 (4.5k) ohms..

Which looks about right..

and all the above are the same spec. as the Mercedes coolant temp sensor
B11/2 for KE fuel injection (clive) "


"I meant to post this some time ago, but I had some difficulty finding the
correct data.
Assuming that the R1150RT and the R1100RT share the same sensor and RID,
then a gentleman named Bill Moss once did a study about the correlation
between bars on the RID and temperature of the fluid at the sensor. He did
this with a digital temperature gauge and a carefully heated pot of oil. I
hope he doesn't mind my sharing this. He did publish the information on the
big list, so I think it's OK. 
The results were:
BAR 		   C 		    F
1                   40.17          104.30
2                  64.45          148.01
3                  78.33          173.00
4                  87.83          190.10
5                 105.81          222.46
6                 131.98          269.56
7                 148.15          298.67
8                 158.57          317.43
9                 168.90          336.02
10                172.74          342.93 "