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Re: Windshied coating cracking / and BMW brake pads

From: "Steve & Linda Berto" <s.l.berto@xxxxxxx>

I have a 2002 R1150R with the Touring windshield and there appears to be a
coating of some kind on the back side of the windshield.
Recently I have noticed that the coating appears to be cracking and it is not as clear as it use to be. I was able to take some metal polish and rub the
coating away but it is a lot of work.
Has anyone had this kind of problem and have a solution to return the
windshield so it is clear again?

Also, I had my front brake pads replaced on Saturday and I was presented with
a bill of $189.00 just for the pads themselves!  I know it has been awhile
since I have replaced pads on a BMW and it was a R1100R but I think they were
only about half as much.   How much are BMW replacement brake pads for the
front only?
After I inquired about the price the service manager said they also have EBC pads which were about $100 cheaper but he said they didn't last as long, made noise, etc. He said if it was him and it was the back brakes he would replace them with EBC pads, but he wouldn't put them on the front. Was he just trying
to put on over on me?

I have seen the coating come off of windshields and I've replaced a few under warranty when I worked at dealerships. BMW usually states that this is caused by using the wrong cleaner. I don't have any useful tips other than what you have already done.

The BMW front brake pads for your model have a current list price of $94.89 each. Aftermarket pads are selling real well right now in my shop since they are closer to about $30.00 each. The EBC pads may wear a little faster, but not by much in my experience, and they now have the anti-rattle clip just like the BMW pads so I'm not having any noise issues with them.

Ted Porter
Scotts Valley, Ca.