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Re: Windshied coating cracking / and BMW brake pads

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From: Steve & Linda Berto <s.l.berto@xxxxxxx>
To: oilheads@xxxxxxxxx
Sent: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 10:14 pm
Subject: Windshied coating cracking / and BMW brake pads

I have a 2002 R1150R with the Touring windshield and there appears to be a
coating of some kind on the back side of the windshield.
Recently I have noticed that the coating appears to be cracking and it is not
as clear as it use to be.  I was able to take some metal polish and rub the
coating away but it is a lot of work.
Has anyone had this kind of problem and have a solution to return the
windshield so it is clear again?

I have a 96RT, the windshield was covered with dried on bugs so I got the bright Idea to soak the shield 
In a weak dish washing solution.  Big mistake!  that coating really started to lift, came off in flakes
but it wouldn't all come off.  I too found out you could polish it off but at a rate so slow I was never
going to get it off.

Best deal, replaced it with a Parabellum.  Much Much better shield,  Thinner, slightly larger and does
and even better at air management.

Save your elbow grease and get a good shield.   Does anybody even know what that coating is suppose
to be doing?  I never thought the original shield did anything any better than the new one did.