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RE: Replacing battery on 2004 1150 RT

Alan Schlageter wrote:
> It's time to replace the battery on my 2004 1150 RT. Does anyone have
> a detailed description on how to do this -

            i replaced the battery not so long ago on my 1100RT and i am
certain that it is exactly the same procedure.
You need to remove the seat, followed by the left hand side mirror
assembly ( classing left with you sitting on the bike ). This mirror is
held in by spring clips and it will just pull off if you are firm
After that the entire left hand side upper fairing panel needs to be
removed. Just work your way around it and remove each dome headed bolt
as you come to it ( there are quite a few).
Once done this panel can be CAREFULLY lifted off and the battery will be
revealed at the point where the front edge of the seat touches the tank.
Remove the first battery lead and then slide the battery towards you
giving you access to the second lead which you then remove.Be careful
not to short anything out when you are removing it!
I hope this helps.
Also be careful not to damage anything as you are dealing with painted

I am sure that if i have missed something someone will be along to
further advise you.

Regards Darryl


Darryl hit most of it. The battery holddown strap needs to be removed
before the battery slides out. Don't forget the screw in the front air
duct. There are 15 screws and one half-turn fastener per panel. If you
have to force it, you missed one somewhere. It will take a little
persuasion both removing and replacing, but no force required. When you
are sure you have all the screws out, hold the end of the panel where
the half-turn fastener is slightly away from the bike to prevent it
hanging up in its hole. Then work the lip off the tank and it will fall
off in your hands.
As the book says, assembly is the reverse of disassembly, but you knew
that. Be sure all of the threaded clips are in place before you hang the
panel.  It is easy to knock one off.  Note the tab near the front of the
fairing that slides underneath the upper fairing when reinstalling the
side panel. Again, holding the half-turn fastener slightly away while
you jockey things into place helps. Getting all the screws to line up
with the threaded clips can also be a challenge. I use a tapered
nailset, but anything like that helps a lot. The screws at the tank are
very easy to strip because they thread into nylon. The three long screws
go in the holes near the footpeg.


Bob Covey
Thousand Oaks CA
'96 R1100RT
'06 Aprilia Caponord