2016-06-26: SMBC
Riders Gallery update: Some dead end roads have more to see than others.
2016-06-19: SMBC
Riders Gallery update: pictures taken on the way home from breakfast.
2016-06-16 MWR
Five riders find a dead end road.
2016-06-03: Family

David A Hyman, 1956 - 2016
Fuck Cancer

2016-06-02: dr650
The bike is back together and ready for a test ride and final carb mixture tweaking.
2016-06-01: dr650
DR650 NSU screws: Now with loctite.
2016-06-01: SMBC
SMBC Trip Report Update: Rob sends a few pictures and words about the Sacramento Mile ride.
2016-05-30: dr650
I’ve been busy – only spent a few minutes with the DR650. The air filters are now clean.
2016-05-29: SMBC
SMBC Riders Gallery update: A few pictures taken after breakfast at Duarte’s this Memorial Weekend.
2016-05-28: dr650
I started the 4,000 mile (almost) service on my DR650 by removing the carb and making some minor (reversable) modifications.
2016-05-27: SMBC
SMBC Trip Report: The Sacramento Mile
2016-05-26: SMBC
SMBC Trip Report: Four riders went camping at Patricks Point

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