2014-07-31: MWR
Eight riders took a short lunch ride to Santa Cruz. Lunch was at a Thai restaurant recommended by Randy.
2014-07-29: GeoTag
GeoTag Version 3 is released.
2014-07-27: SMBC
SMBC Sonoma Sunday. Neither a marathon nor a race event could keep us away.
2014-07-25: GeoTag
Coming soon… GeoTag version 3 writen for the latest OS X operating systems.
2014-07-13: SMBC
SMBC Trip Report… but for a class. Several SMBC members took a one day class given by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department. Markus describes his class experience.
2014-07-06: R1200GSW
Some comments on engine vibrations following the cam timing adjustment.
2014-07-02: R1200GSW
This afternoon I adjusted the cam timing on the left side of my 2013 GS.
2014-06-23: SMBC
SMBC Riders Gallery update: did Tom get some bad gas last ride?


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Marc w/Hana, 2014

Marc w/Hana, 2014

Marc w/Hana, 2014
ISO 100   f/5.0   1/60   0 ev   35.0mm

Marco S. (Marc) Hyman