2014-10-23: SMBC
Those who use desktop or smartphone calendar apps can now download the schedule data in a form suitable for importing into your app. I import the data as a calendar named “SMBC” to keep it separate. Here is the 2014 data (ICS file). It’s nice to be able to answer the “where is breakfast next week” question with a glance at the calendar on my phone.
2014-10-20: SMBC
Pictures taken during an after breakfast ride Chris and Bob took.
2014-10-17: SMBC
The SMBC fall ride to Death Valley was last weekend. Pictures from some of the attendees plus a report from Alberto have been posted to the SMBC section.
2014-10-07: DR650SE
Test ride and an oil change completes the first service tasks for my DR650.
2014-10-06: DR650SE
I started the 600 mile service on my DR650 a few miles early. While the tank was off the bike I partially destroyed the handlebar holders while installing bar risers.
2014-10-02: DR650SE
The DR650 gets an adjustable throttle lock
2014-10-01: DR650SE
I mounted a windshield on my DR650.
2014-09-30: DR650SE
The tail bag I ordered yesterday arrived. It’s on the bike.
2014-09-30: SMBC
Jerry M. sends words and pictures of the SMBC weekend ride to Fort Bragg.
2014-09-29: DR650SE
I mounted a Dirtracks luggage rack to my dr650 this afternoon.
2014-09-27: SMBC
SMBC trip report: Randy and his wive spent several weeks riding the Alps.
2014-09-26: GeoTag
Version 3.1 released. Same as version 3.0 but with the ability to resize the table, image, and map panes.
2014-09-24: DR650SE
Yesterday evening a delivery man left a new saddle at my front door. This morning the post office delivered a box from ProCycle. This afternoon I was busy installing a bash plate, lowered foot pegs, and the Sargent saddle.
2014-09-22: DR650SE
I disliked the stock mirrors on the dr650 enough to order replacements the same afternoon I brought the bike home. They arrived today.

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Marc w/Hana, 2014

Marc w/Hana, 2014

Marc w/Hana, 2014
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