GeoTag: A macOS Application to tag photo locations

GeoTag is a free macOS application that allows you to update image metadata with geolocation tags by panning and zooming in a map window and then clicking on the location where a photo was taken. It is a good way to add location information to photos or fine tune existing location information.

Image file updates are performed using Phil Harvey’s ExifTool. This allows geolocation data to be modified an unlimited number of times with no image degradation as ExifTool modifies metadata without changing the image data. See for information regarding ExifTool.

GeoTag Version 4

Announcing GeoTag version 4.4

Version 4.4 uses Apple Maps and contains its own copy of ExifTool.

2018-10-19 — Version 4.4.1 is an Apple Notarized version that enables the hardened runtime for improved security. Users should not notice any difference between versions 4.4.1 and 4.4.

GeoTag Information and Help pages

Version 4.4.1 download Requires macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later. The file is about 11 MB in size. Open the dmg file once downloaded and drag the GeoTag application into your Applications folder. Please read the included README file for notes about image backups.

If for some reason version 4.4.1 does not work for you please try version 4.4 (and let me know of your issue).

New Features (4.4)

Bug fixes

Known Bugs

GeoTag source code is available on github [link]

Don’t see a feature you want? Know how to code? Grab the code and dig in.