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Re: Morning Ride In

I don't have to do this.  I also own a tuned Subaru
WRX, which is fun, but not the same as the BMW.  I do
try though, to ride a motorcycle as much year round as
possible.  I also ride in the rain and love my BMW
rainsuit.  I'll ride in the rain to work if I'm
working out of my company's HQ, which has covered
parking.  The other site I work at does not have
covered parking and when I need to go there I do take
a car, as putting on the rainsuit in the office is too
much for folks.  

My ride home today was in 25F and was actually quite
pleasant.  Black ice is a consideration, but I've been
riding enough to have experienced it firsthand and
know its ups and downs (certainly the downs).  You can

mitigate this a lot with careful riding, but not
eliminate it altogether.  Generally staying in a car's
tire tracks gives you a good line, and any black ice
often shows some evidence of itself due to repeated
friction from car tires, but often only at the patch
borders and faintly at that.  

Well, so far you're the only fellow to respond to my
post, and I get a wagging finger of admonition
chastising me for rash behavior.  Oh well...  In St.
Louis the BMW riders at the shop I frequented gave me
a stereotype.  They all seemed to be in their later
fifties or older, silver bearded, obese or beer
bellied from 'barley therapy', they wore full leathers
that made them look like Michelin Men in negative due
to the old school accordion joints (no Schoeller) and
they wore those godawful conspicuity vests everywhere.
 They also rode year round.  They had the insulation
for it, I'll give them that.  They all wore those BMW
System helmets with the whole front flipping up.  I
believe those helmets had some advanced anti fogging
capabilities.  One I know of had a neat pull down
tinted visor I could have used this morning.  Maybe I
should take a page from the geezers and look into one
of them if I wish to continue with this rash and
reckless cold weather riding ;>).