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Re: Morning Ride In

>Maybe I should take a page from the geezers and look into one
of them if I wish to continue with this rash and
reckless cold weather riding ;>).

Those geezers could be my children, however I do not have anybody's
advertising on me, no BMW, Honda, Harley; no equipment of mine has anybody's
logo. If they want me to advertise, pay me.
We live in a great time as far as biking concerned. All these modern
equipment we have (and I am no exception) now, there were none in the time
when I was in your age (your age assumed). We had no helmet, no gogles, no
sunglasses, no rain-suit, no spedo/odo and not too much brake either. Of
course there weren't much of HP either. We rode in the rain with re-cap
tires ..... No those were NOT the good old times; I rather have my RS, the
FRS and CB radios, the GPS, the reliable tires, the electric starter, the
heated clothes ........ so enjoy it, I do.