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Re: Morning Ride In

scott Baxter writes:
 > Well, so far you're the only fellow to respond to my
 > post, and I get a wagging finger of admonition
 > chastising me for rash behavior.  Oh well...  In St.

Well, Scott.  The only rash portion of your behavior is doing it where
you do it.   I rode in the cold this weekend, too.   Well, the SF bay
area version of cold.  I think it got as low as 31 at one spot along the
ride :-)

I rode today, too, but not on my oilhead.   I wanted to take the old
bike out because it's been a while and I figured the crazies would
be back at work.   I was right.


When it gets cold, though, I'm on the GS where I can turn on grip
warmers and plug in heated gear.

// marc