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Re: Morning Ride In

D'OH!!!  A flip up helmet and no white beard or belly?
 No conspicuity vest? My cherished stereotype is
dashed!  Oh, the humanity...

That is absolutely a beautiful motorcycle.  

I've got nice insulated overpants that are just right,
Gerbing gloves with thermostat, nice leather jacket
with insulated liner, it's all good save the frost
INSIDE my visor this morning.  So long as I kept
moving it was great.  The minute I stopped the nasty
cross winds started freezing my chin.  

I've now set my lowest temp for riding to work at 25F.
 If I could deal with the condensation in the helmet
I'd honestly ride down to 15 F, but I don't think
there's a good solution, at least with my helmet. 
Maybe this is an excuse for a new helmet?  
--- Marco S Hyman <marc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> scott Baxter writes:
>  > Well, so far you're the only fellow to respond to
> my
>  > post, and I get a wagging finger of admonition
>  > chastising me for rash behavior.  Oh well...  In
> St.
> Well, Scott.  The only rash portion of your behavior
> is doing it where
> you do it.   I rode in the cold this weekend, too.  
> Well, the SF bay
> area version of cold.  I think it got as low as 31
> at one spot along the
> ride :-)
> I rode today, too, but not on my oilhead.   I wanted
> to take the old
> bike out because it's been a while and I figured the
> crazies would
> be back at work.   I was right.
> When it gets cold, though, I'm on the GS where I can
> turn on grip
> warmers and plug in heated gear.
> // marc