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Re: Morning Ride In

scott Baxter writes:
 > D'OH!!!  A flip up helmet and no white beard or belly?
 >  No conspicuity vest? My cherished stereotype is
 > dashed!  Oh, the humanity...

Heh... my other helmet is not a flip up.

 > That is absolutely a beautiful motorcycle.  

Thank you.

 >  If I could deal with the condensation in the helmet
 > I'd honestly ride down to 15 F, but I don't think
 > there's a good solution, at least with my helmet. 

Respro Foggy.   It won't keep your chin warm, but it will keep the
condensation out of your helmet.   At about $20-25 not very pricy,
either.   Only down side for me is it makes taking my Arai XD off
harder than without.   It works so well I put up with that minor

// marc