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Re: Electrical cut-out R1100RS tipped to left

Wayne W. wrote:

<<'Older' R1100S's have 2 fuse boxes, each with 4 fuses, on either side
of the fairing.

'Newer' R1100S's have a single fuse box on the left side of the
fairing with 8 fuses.  I have an '04 with this configuration.

I would suspect that wiring changes were made incorrectly.  I've never
heard of such problems with the factory harness.  >>

I've seen several total harness failures on the R11S. Mine was in first-stage failure when I caught it due to a failed taillamp. As I traced the trouble, I found broken wires and melted insulation. Ducdude's harnedd melted down., too. I do not attribute either failure to poor accessory installation, but to BMW's use of inadequate guage wire and poor support of the harness at critical lovations like near the steering head. Add the fact that the poor quality insulation just falls off the wire, and you have the recipe for disaster. I recommend replacement of any R1100S harness that exhibits first-stage failures, because it is a signal that the rest of the bike may follow.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
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