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Re: grade of gas for R1100R

<<My wife and I have three R1100R's between us. BMW calls for premium
but, prices being as they are, I am wondering if we could just as well
use mid-grade or even (gasp) regular.B B Any ideas/experience/thoughts?B >>

When I tour on flat country, lightly loaded, I usually run mid-grade 89
to 91 octane.

I find that I get some detonbation in my R1100S when ridinng in hilly
or twisty throttle-on-and-off conditions, but it is not present in
steady running.

I only buy the lower octane fuel when I KNOW that I will be refilling
the same day or next day, as all gasoline loses some octane rating as
it ages,  and it is even worse now that our politicians have cursed us
with that useless corn-piss that we get by mixing ethanol with good

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA