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RE: speedo not working

Hi Tom, 
I have brought the subject back on track, above...

I am going by the fact that I have seen no "official" recommendation to lube
the speedo cable and secondly that I have two Oilheads approaching 160000km
(100000mi) combined and I have yet to replace any cable whether push pull or
rotating.  Admittedly a miniscule sample :>)

Yes, no doubt a high tech lithium grease could be better on the drive gear -
but I found that moly grease tended to "dry out" and the gear was stiff to
turn.  I don't find this happening with Vaseline and after a tire "life"
when I check them they are still turning very smoothly.

Thanks for your valuable contribution on these lists!

Clive Liddell

<<As I understand it the speedo cable is similar to all the other 
cables on
these BMW bikes - no lubricating of any cable to be done.  Just the 
at the end of the, for example, clutch cable where it has to accommodate
some rotational friction against the lever.>>

You are not understanding the design of the cale correctly. Throttle 
and clutch cables go in and out, needing longitudinal support and lube 
 from the teflon sheath. Speedometer cables spin in the housing, which 
would rapidly eat through a teflon lining. Speedometer cables DO 
benefit from cleaning and lubrication with lithium grease.

<<So, it can and does "hurt" to lube the speedo cable.  However a light 
of the bearing and gear surface of the white PTFE large gear with 
has worked well every time I change a tyre.>>

Lithium grease is less likely to degrade the nylon gear, and less 
likely to attract dirt. If the gear is worn AT ALL, replace it.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
*In the last lap, the wheel bearings seized, making a sound like a cat 
being turned down in a lathe.*