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Re: More GPS

I heard of another Garmin 2820(???) which has Europe Street Guides installed. I think it's the one up from the 2720. The old 2610 I have gives me all I need except for the Bluetooth connection which would be nice to have. My Autocom is old and allow two connections only. One is the bike-to-bike communication and the other one has the GPS. If I had a more modern version of Autocom I could connect my phone too, like my friend had it for many years.

The reasons why I'd buy another GPS is: portability, size, own battery and the European Street Guide. Another GPS for my wife would not need to have more feature than the the 2610 has and for car use only, therefore I'd give my 2610 to her.

I have a problem with Garmin and MapSource. A while back I bought another 2610 which keeps telling me that maps in its system are not unlocked. I used the CD and the unlock-number came with it but this did not do any good for me. I'll call Garmin and MapSource but they, most likely, want money for an unlock number. I hate this in the Garmin.

Another unpleasant feature of the 2610  is this:
when I type in an address it jumps to conclusion and gives me a similarly looking address. From here on you cannot type any more, it does not let you. Sometimes, by scrolling down the list of addresses which the machine brought up I find the one I am looking for.Very anoying help, I don't want that help.

In many cases when the 2610 could not find the address, though it's on the map, I just move the map on the screen, find a point close to the address I am looking for and tell it to go there. When I am at that point, being closer to the wanted address, I retype the address again and this time the 2610 will find it. I should download the latest software modification. Basically I am pleased with what I have, the 2610 helped me a lot over the years and I do not mind that I paid 1,150.- Can$, it amortized during 60-70,000 km.
Bob Silas

I have the StreetPilot 2720. This is an excellent unit for both car
and bike. Holds the whole continent in maps, has autorouting, and
voice prompts if yoiu want them. Search around and I am told you can
find them in the $200 range. They were somethign like $900 when they
were introduced a few years ago. While it might be fun to have the
latest and greatest GPS, I see no real advantage to spending the
several hundreds more that one would cost. I will consider a Zumo in a
few years when it is similarly diiscounted.

I manage my audio through a MixIt2 (www.mixitproducts.com). It takes
audio from my radar detector, iPod, and GPS and sends them into my
helmet speakers. One channel is a "priority" channel that, when it
gets a signal, will mute all of the other channels. I use this for the
GPS voice prompts, because I don't want to miss one. I make routes
that cover days of backroads riding through completely unknown (be me)
areas, so I really need to hear them. The rest of the time, I get my
music just fine, and have the V-1 set up to be loud enough to hear
over the tunes. Works well.