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Re: Road music

>>I like to listen to iPod music when I ride
>OK, NOW we're talking about something I care about.

Me too.

>How do you get decent sound over the wind noise?

Custom earmolds.  I have iPlugz from Ear Inc.  


They block out a decent amount of ambient noise.  They could block
more, but I had the molds a little less fitted because they bothered
my ears. 

I can listen to my iPod at a low enough level to hear the music, yet I
can hear what's going on around me.  They cost ~$225.  They are not
the only manufacturer.  I have no interest in this company other than
being a satisfied customer.  

Please note that these may be illegal in your state.  They are in
mine, but I choose to accept that risk.   

I also use an iJet remote control.  The control cradle is velcro'd to
my handlebars (they used this photo on their website). 


The iPod sits in my jacket pocket.  I can volume up/down and move the
next/previous track.  I have specific playlists for riding that can
keep me going for days.  Again, no interest, just a satisfied
Wayne Woodruff