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Re: Windshied coating cracking / and BMW brake pads

[snip of the windshield issue]

>Also, I had my front brake pads replaced on Saturday and I was presented with
>a bill of $189.00 just for the pads themselves!  I know it has been awhile
>since I have replaced pads on a BMW and it was a R1100R but I think they were
>only about half as much.   How much are BMW replacement brake pads for the
>front only?


I got the following from Hammersley www.webparts.com (also located in

BRAKE PADS KIT, GREEN  34-11-7-690-170 $70.20 

2 sets would be $140.40.  I'm sure Chicago BMW would be cheaper, but
Hammersley usually has good inventory.  

Wayne Woodruff