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New (to you) RT

I think the 1200RT is the best bike BMW makes now.  I know that's a big
statement, but they don't make any I'd rather have anyway.  I looked at the
K12GT, but it's heavier with a longer wheelbase and its weather protection
isn't as good.   It's also not as smooth as the old flying bricks that were
mounted in rubber.    I could never ride them very far.  The pegs are much
too high for touring..at least for me.  
Transmission on the new RT is better.  That's so obvious I didn't think I
needed to mention it.   It does not like to be pre-tensioned before you pull
in the clutch.   I had the old kind for so long that I still do that
sometimes and the thing shifts before I get the clutch in.   It's startling.

Wait until you get the bike on a long trip and start using the cruise
control.   It's unbelievably handy.   Hint:  Don't use the handlebar switch
to turn it off, just touch the brake handle with hand on throttle.   That
will turn it off without upsetting the bike and you're in control.   You can
get MPG near 50 using that thing and it's really great to actually be able
to look at scenery going by when you're on non-technical roads without
losing your pace.   No comparison to throttle locks.  These are far better.

I have a Cee Baileys windscreen.   Stock is OK but this is better.   I've
heard Aeroflow is good too.   I like my Cee Baileys because it's not too hot
in summer.   One weak point of the bike is the upper windscreen mounts.
They break.   It's not catastrophic, the windscreen just sits crooked on the
bike a little.  You can fix temporarily by reaching down and hooking the
arm, which is spring-loaded, back to just behind where it's supposed to go
on top.  This will work until the next bump or until you slow down a lot.
One guy put a tennis or racquetball in there.   Under the side of the
windscreen to keep it in place and finished the last thousand or so of his
There is a guy on the ADV riders forum who sells beefy windscreen mounts.  I
bought a pair after getting two mounts under warranty and getting tired of
the routine. (put your stock screen on before you go back to the dealer.they
will use any excuse to exclude you from the warranty).   Anyway these new
beefy mounts work great.   
Note: BMW may have fixed the problem on later RTs.   Mine is an '05.   
   thanks for the input, very much appreciated. I picked up the 1200RT
yesterday and rode it 350 miles home. I can honestly say that i am amazed at
how much nicer it is to ride than my 1100.
Everything you said about weight, power etc is true but the BIG difference
is that gearbox. It is sooooo smooth compared to my 1100 and definitely on a
par with Japanese stuff.
Well, i have got to get my 1100 prepared for sale now and in many respects i
will be sad to see it go as i have enjoyed it immensely but time moves on
and the 1200 in my opinion wins hands down.
Cheers Darryl