Bath remodel: Week 53

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Aug 13-17, 2001

We celebrated the 1 year anniversary since start of construction this week. The room is so close to usable we can barely wait. This week is painting and heating. Next week is carpet, electrical, and a touch more painting. Once the carpet is in and the steam generator controls installed (need an extension box) the room will be fully usable.

The plans called for a motorized damper on the heating system so we could turn on the furnace and force all air to the bathroom, heating it quickly. A fancy thermostat has been added to the bathroom, but not the damper. The heating contractor is concerned that the furnace moves too much air for just the bathroom and that the safety interlocks that shut the furnace down if the vents are blocked will kick in. We’ll try it without the remote damper for now.

The painter spent lots of time on the partition and toilet room external wall.

The new ceiling beam is stained and the hole in the original beam where the old light fixture was is plugged and stained. It now looks like a knot in the wood – that’s good. The trim around the pocket doors was painted to match the cabinets. The stain on the pocket doors is repaired were they were previously scuffed.


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