Resumé: Marco S Hyman


Professional Goal:

To enjoy my retirement.


Twenty-five years of experience in getting projects done and products out-the-door. Committed to writing quality code and documentation the first time. Strong background in data communications and computer networking. Experience writing both high level applications and low level hardware drivers. Work environments include:


1990 to 1996

Ascend Communications, Inc. Alameda, CA
Special project: Came out of retirement to lead team responsible for MAX TNT software until first units were shipped to alpha customers. Wrote much of the glue code to get calls routed between the various components in the system. Director of Software: Responsible for all software in the Max, VSX, and Multiband product lines. Shared responsibilities for software in the Pipeline product line. Engineering Manager: Led small group that wrote the software in the first Ascend products for Internet access, writing a significant portion of the code. Led the group responsible for Multiband Plus and MAX software. Principal Engineer: Inherited leadership of the the group writing the software for Ascend’s first product.

1986 to 1990

Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc., San Francisco, CA
Principal Software Engineer: Software architect and software team leader in development of a modem rack for an OEM customer. This modem rack replaced RS-232 cables to each modem with one token-ring network link. Designed the internal protocols, instigated the use of object-oriented software techniques for the project, wrote the code for the line cards, developed the executive used in the modem control processor, and coordinated the people writing the modem code and the token-ring interface code. Also: System administrator and local UNIX guru for small network of Sun workstations. Senior Software Engineer: Co-wrote a generic user interface for PCs that turned into a test application program to demonstrate ISDN technology. Wrote the hardware drivers for the first Hayes prototype ISDN card.

1985 to 1986

Dasoft Design Systems, Berkeley, CA
Senior Software Engineer: Developed a PC based printed circuit board CAD system with two other people. The system included a symbol editor, schematic capture, board layout, auto router, and route editing tools. Development of the graphics primitives, porting them to various machines, the symbol editor, board outline editor, and plotting routines were all my responsibility. I assisted in developing the underlying data structures, schematic capture, and route editing tools.

1983 to 1985

Digital Microsystems, Inc., Oakland, CA
Manager of Technical Support: Managed the combined Customer Support and Software Test department in the closing months of DMS. The Software Test group was responsible for testing all operating system software prior to release and creating the release media and documentation. Software Engineer: Developed Univac terminal emulator software that ran on DMS network workstations. One workstation was the gateway between the DMS network and the Univac host. It emulated a Univac terminal multiplexor. Enhanced and debugged the station-to-station communications feature in the DMS network required to make the terminal emulator work.

1982 to 1983

MH Software, Olympia, WA. and Pacifica, CA.
Proprietor: Developed an embedded Energy Management System for Endless Energy, Inc. The energy management system was written to remotely control lighting and HVAC equipment, taking advantage of features available in equipment built by subsidiaries of Endless Energy.

1979 to 1982

West Coast Grocery, Inc., Tacoma, WA
Network Services Administrator: Managed the internal data communications network for WESCO. This included writing message control systems to handle remote printers for their Burroughs Large Systems computers (a pair of B6900). Developed and taught company classes on using the system. Systems Programmer: Maintained the operating system and the Cobol and Algol compilers. This consisted of applying Burroughs supplied and local patches to the source and regenerating the software. Helped develop the company programming guidelines.

1975 to 1979

Omega Systems, Lacey, WA
Programmer: Custom applications software for minicomputer users. Leader of team that developed an on-line real-time order processing system for an equipment importing company.

1971 to 1975

United States Air Force, various locations
Programmer: Wrote the cargo manifesting system used at 5 overseas MAC bases in the 1970s. Awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service. Computer Operator: Punched cards, plug boards, and an IBM 407.