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Re: 2002 R1150R

>I need some info about the 2002  R1150R ABS.
>My son is about to buy that bike with 15,000 km on the clock. This bike has 
>that integrated brake system(?) which I am not familiar with. As soon as the 
>brake lever or foot brake touched a little wining noise heard. We were told 
>that this is the pump for the integrated system, engaging front and rear 
>brake for the touch of the hand brake lever. Also the motor vibration at low 
>RPM seems to be excessive. Later on BMW returned to the old brake system, 
>abandoning this integrated version.
>Any experience??? Advice???
>Thanks in advance
>Bob Silas 

I have EVO brakes on my 2004 R1100S, which are integrated.  The pump
'whines' when you apply either brakes.  Some people complain about
them.  I'm very happy with their performance.  I have 21K on the bike.
I recently replaced the rear pads.  The fronts are original.
Personally, I would not hessitate to buy another bike with them.  

They are a PITA to bleed.  It's not hard, but it is time consuming.
Dana Hager has a good write up on how to do it.  The dealer charges
something like 3 hours to do this, so it's not cheap.  


The vibration may be due to improper throttle body synchronization.
Hard to guess without seeing the bike.  

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