A spate of spring like weather brought out several riders that we haven’t seen in a while. I celebrated the nice weather by riding one of my favorite one-lane, 1st gear roads on the way back from breakfast – Lodge Road.



Traffic was very slow coming down 92 on the way back home after the obligatory stop at Alice’s. A car with it’s 4-way blinkers on was following a bike – with a flat rear tire. They pulled over at Crystal Springs. The rider had picked up a chunk of glass about 1/4 inch in diameter. The can of “fix-a-flat” wasn’t doing the trick. I pulled out one of the BMW plugs and gave it a try. It seemed to be holding the 3 cartridges of CO2 that I used. I hope the rider got home OK.

That’s now the 3rd time I’ve used my greatly expanded repair kit on bikes other than mine. I need to replace the cartridges and get some more of the BMW plugs (great for large holes). I still have CO2 cartridges and progressive plugs (good for medium and small holes.