The Breakfast Club: Morning on the coast

Sunday, Jan 20,2013

The Maverick’s surf contest was scheduled the morning the SMBC was heading to Duarte’s on the coast for breakfast. Luckily for us the people going to Maverick’s turned north on highway 1 in Half Moon Bay. We turned south. I got up a few minutes early to get in front of the group in an attempt to get some decent motorcycles-at-sunrise pictures from the coast.

WWWobble took these pictures after breakfast. The last image is Dan using my multi-meter to ensure that his heated vest repair was correct.

After breakfast many rode up to Alices where we found Fred and Oscar. Well, we found their bike. They were having breakfast. Seems it was too cold for Fred to get up early enough to join us at Duarte’s. The condition of his rear tire had nothing to do with it. Dan offered the use of his tire repair kit in case Fred didn’t have enough rubber to make it home.