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Re: Electrical cut-out R1100RS tipped to left


Sounds like a good place to start. I'll dig into it an let you know  
what happens.


John Merlin Williams

On Apr 20, 2008, at 9:35 PM, Mick wrote:

> At 03:40 PM 4/20/2008, you wrote:
>> Timo, Bob:
>> Thanks for the suggestion. I had checked the side-stand switch, which
>> I had replaced the previous season. That wasn't the problem, but I
>> began poking around in the wiring a bit more and discovered that a
>> very slight displacement of the wiring bundle that begins at the left
>> handlebar grip appears to be the problem. If I move that bundle just
>> about 1/4 inch at the point where it curves under the tank - all the
>> electrics go off.  That bundle appears to begin at the handlebar with
>> the low/high beam+horn+left turn signal, it gathers the separate
>> clutch switch cable and also joins with the the ignition switch
>> bundle. Must be a broken wire in one of those. I played most with the
>> clutch switch wire and it doesn't appear to be the problem - must be
>> one of the larger bundles.
> John,
>   Nothing from the left switch controls will kill the engine.  Look  
> closely
> at the main wire bundle as it leaves the ignition switch.  Remove any
> cable ties that might be in the area and then move each wire  
> separately
> till you find the culprit.  Find the break, splice it together with  
> a butt splice
> and solder, tape the bundle back up and your done. : ))
> Mick
> Tucson