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Re: grade of gas for R1100R

Toby (BMW) wrote:
My wife and I have three R1100R's between us. BMW calls for premium but, prices being as they are, I am wondering if we could just as well use mid-grade or even (gasp) regular.

Any ideas/experience/thoughts?

I put 170 K on a R1100GS, burning mostly mid-grade (typically 89). In my experience I had better "driveability" and never heard pinging. And every once in a while, when it was all that was available, 87--but then I used a very light throttle hand, just in case.

(As an aside, I find it interesting that the gap between the grades is mostly still 10". That was significant when 'regular' was under $1, but much less so, now that it's $4...)

Fulton Martin
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