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Re: grade of gas for R1100R

OK. I can tell you about this one. First off, your right that many stations use blending pumps now. Some even with a single hose. Just recently, I pulled into a station with new pumps, just a couple days old. Scan the credit card, and start to pump mid grade. I got 16 cents and then the pump quit !! So I go to the next pump and start again. Same result. I'm about pissed at this point. The owner comes out and advises that they just ran out of high test, and the pump won't allow purchase of mid or high test until he fills the tank. So, at least in the case of new or recent pump design, you won't get a tank of regular if the pump is set for mid grade.

I always ran mid grade in my oil head. Ran fine. I didn't try regular except for one time when I had no option. This because I knew I wouldn't be able to hear it ping with the ear plugs in. The correct answer to fuel grade is that you should run the lowest octane the motor can tolerate as long as there is no pre ignition. If you don't trust yourself to make that determination, then run what the manufacturer says to.

BMW had a lot of trouble with engines carboning up in the late 80's early 90's when run on lower than hi test. This was because of poor additive packages in the lower grades at that time (USA only as I understand it). Since then, gas now has the same detergents etc in all the grades. But BMW hasn't backed off on their premium policy. I'm using mid grade in mu 325 cage, Guzzi bike and wifey's F650. They all do fine on it.

Bob Hadden

On Jun 2, 2008, at 9:28 AM, plpklt@xxxxxxx wrote:
I've wondered if they are out of regular and you by middle grade are you getting hightest for the price of mid-test?? Or are you getting the real crap out of the bottom of the regular tank?