Groeger Special Tooling: 2001 and 2002

2600 Bay Road, Redwood City, CA 94063

Joe at work, Nov '99

Joe at work, Nov ‘99

Joe at work, Nov ‘99

This is Joe Groeger in 1999 scoping out the condition of the large bearing from the rear-end of a 1966 BMW R69S. It’s an example of the type of things that used to happen on Saturday mornings at Groeger Special Tooling. (He found indications of pitting on the race – the bearing was replaced).

Joe passed away in February 2020, a few weeks shy of his 100th birthday.



Click on the image to your left to see pictures of the annual Groeger summer BBQ. Lots of food, lots of good company. A good time was had by all.

Chris goes to the BMWMOA 30th in Trenton Ontario



Pictures from the 2001 version of the annual holiday party.

Playing with Darryl’s R12 at his house in Santa Cruz. We think the pre-war bike still contained pre-war gas.

Some pictures of the Vasona Park vintage picnic taken by Jeff Wu.

The first group of pictures is from a spring ride that Chris led. We eventually wound up at Duane A.’s place in Galt. The second group of pictures were taken around the shop on a spring-like day in early March.

Chris Weld took this picture of Alan and Joe at breakfast, Feb 17, 2001.

Pictures of the engine and transmission going back into the frame of Bob’s /2 after repairs.