Groeger Special Tooling: 2009

2600 Bay Road, Redwood City, CA 94063

Joe at work, Nov '99

Joe at work, Nov ‘99

Joe at work, Nov ‘99

This is Joe Groeger in 1999 scoping out the condition of the large bearing from the rear-end of a 1966 BMW R69S. It’s an example of the type of things that used to happen on Saturday mornings at Groeger Special Tooling. (He found indications of pitting on the race – the bearing was replaced).

Joe passed away in February 2020, a few weeks shy of his 100th birthday.



Chris describes the last Saturday ride of 2009 taken with Bill after brunch. The ride attempted to answer a question Darryl asked the week before: where does that road go?

Click on either image to see some of the happenings at the Annual Groeger Holiday Party.

Pictures of the bikes and a few of the people who attended the 20th Cal Coast Camp-out and BBQ at Lake San Antonio Oct 10th and 11th.

Leaving the shop

Leaving the shop

Leaving the shop
Off to breakfast

Off to breakfast

Off to breakfast

Only 5 for breakfast this morning. Well, 6 as Bill met us at the restaurant as he often does. Joe rode and I took these crappy cell phone pics. Better than nothing.

Jeff invited folks to hang out at Baker Beach this Saturday. The weather wasn’t the best at the coast with low overcast (see the shot of the GG bridge), but that didn’t stop folks from turning out, some with picnic baskets strapped to the back of their vintage bikes. I didn’t take too many pictures. Cold!

Marc writes: If it wasn’t for a comment by Darryl at breakfast, yesterday, I’d have missed the 26th Annual Alex Silverio Memorial Picnic at Vasona Park this year. Ooops. As it was I was the first bike to arrive and one of the first to leave. Here are some pics I took of the people and bike who arrived while I was at the park. Enjoy.

Pictures from Chris, Dick, and Bob plus a write of from Dick of the weekend ride to Old Station. Looks like those who went had a good, albeit slightly cool at times, ride.

Chris provides words and images of the 49er Rally, the best ever says he. Joe, pictured at left, won the Oldest Rider riding the Oldest Ride. So what else is new! Click in the image for the full story.

Chris shares some pictures and comments of an after breakfast ride down Tarwater Creek road.

Darryl hosted his 9th Surf City Tech day at his place in the Santa Cruz mountains. Alan used the occasion to lube the transmission input splines of his airhead. Click on the image for more pictures of the event.

Another after breakfast ride with pictures from Chris on a very nice spring day with temperatures pushing 80 in some spots.

Someone on the /2 mailing list wondered what the Groeger bar end mirror mounts looked like on the bike. Simon rode his just recently restored R60 to breakfast and he is using the Groeger mounts on his bike. Turns out there is a use for cell phone cameras after all.

The first shift for breakfast took off for a ride just about the time the second shift was getting to the restaurant. Why two shifts? Some of us went to the hospital to visit Joe before breakfast. All is OK… Joe was told he could go home during our visit.

Another after breakfast ride, this time to the coast where our fearless riders braved 70 degree winter weather. No snow nor salted roadways encountered this day.

A large turn-out for breakfast this morning. Perhaps they knew that today was Simon’s first more-than-around-the-block ride on his newly restored bike. He must have done a lot right as it looks great and seems to be running fine. It got him from SF to Redwood City, after all. Pictured are Simon (left) and Bill (right). Note the pristine /2 tool kit on the ground by Bill’s foot.

One lane, poorly paved, but very scenic. It wends its way down through some Redwood groves as you decend a vally, cross a wooden bridge (which is slicker’n snot on a brass doorknob), and then climbs to the Sheriff’s ‘compund’ which includes his medium security facility. Never saw a sole going or coming.