Groeger Special Tooling: 2004

2600 Bay Road, Redwood City, CA 94063

Joe at work, Nov '99

Joe at work, Nov ‘99

Joe at work, Nov ‘99

This is Joe Groeger in 1999 scoping out the condition of the large bearing from the rear-end of a 1966 BMW R69S. It’s an example of the type of things that used to happen on Saturday mornings at Groeger Special Tooling. (He found indications of pitting on the race – the bearing was replaced).

Joe passed away in February 2020, a few weeks shy of his 100th birthday.



Pictures of the 2004 Christmas Party can be seen on Darryl’s site broken link.

Fall ride on north bay back roads.

Cal Coast Campout and BBQ.

Craig’s bike is back on the road and Greg on a happy day before this happened.

I suspect the left side of Greg’s R60 still looks as good as it did in the picture with the GG bridge in the background. The right side has certainly seen better days.

Pictures from a ride to Mt Hamilton.

Joe is in Germany for the next 6-8 weeks, but that doesn’t stop us from meeting. Today appeared to be sidecar day with both Jeff and Alan bringing their rigs. Chris even mentioned getting his back together at breakfast and bringing it to the vintage camp-out next month. We’ll see. I suppose anything is possible.

Reta’s R71 is just about ready for the road when these pictures were taken (May 1). In the second picture the engine is running as Reta checks out the positions of the handle bars.

I heard this little fellow flapping around and pointed him out to Jeff who picked him up and asked Joe if it went with the shop. I think the shop cat would have something to say about that.